Guild Time: 09/19/2020 - 04:17
Guild Roster

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ID Name Guild Class Pri Talent Sec Talent
7 Aimar Tree of Life Hunter Survival Marksmanship
24 Alysh Legion Shaman Enhancement Restoration
22 Arkaantos Legion Warrior Arms Arms
16 Candise Legion Paladin Retribution Holy
10 Dragwyn Tree of Life Druid Feral (Bear) Restoration
3 Erel Tree of Life Hunter Survival Beast Mastery
33 Gleart Legion Hunter Survival Marksmanship
30 Helldante Legion Priest Holy Shadow
20 Hubertus Legion Hunter Survival Marksmanship
21 Hubion Legion Druid Feral (Bear) Feral (Cat)
4 Kama Tree of Life Paladin Protection Holy
26 Kazanukiri Legion Mage Fire Arcane
2 Kerenza Tree of Life Shaman Restoration Enhancement
8 Khalea Tree of Life Druid Balance Restoration
11 Kirilia Tree of Life Druid Feral (Bear) Feral (Cat)
31 Lyokha Legion Warrior Protection Arms
19 Naaldraan Legion Paladin Retribution Protection
15 Polcia Legion Warrior Arms Protection
12 Quemos Legion Warlock Demonology Affliction
35 Rainofblood Legion Druid Feral (Cat) Restoration
18 Riverse Legion Warrior Arms Arms
9 Ruzia Tree of Life Priest Shadow Discipline
6 Sesil Tree of Life Death Knight Blood (Tank) Blood (Tank)
1 Shumann Legion Warrior Arms Protection
27 Szadok Legion Warrior Arms Arms

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